Why Choose Us?

At Modern Dentistry, we believe you deserve a lifetime of dental health. Our personalized and comprehensive approach uses modern science and technology to provide you with the best care available anywhere.

6 Reasons Why People Trust Us

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We are continually employing new technologies to make your care more accurate, efficient, convenient, and predictable.

We invest in cutting edge technology found in few dental offices for your convenience and for more predictable and efficient results

Our technology helps us to be more thorough and accurate with your care.

Our technology helps you to better understand your dental condition.

Advanced Training

Our team is involved in continual training to provide the most advanced dental care available. Our doctors have thousands of additional hours of advanced training in all aspects of dentistry.

Our doctors have thousands of hours of advanced training.

Our doctors continue to study recent advances in dentistry and they bring this training back to us to be sure we are all practicing on the cutting edge of today’s dentistry.

Doctor Peterson teaches other dentists from around the world how to apply recent dental advances to their own practices.

Our training allows us to predict your future dental needs and work to reduce your future risk of dental problems.

Health Focused Whole body health

We know that dental disease is related to over 65 chronic health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our focus is not  just on saving teeth, but on detecting and managing the issues that lead to dental disease.  You can be sick with a healthy mouth, but you cannot be healthy with a sick mouth.

Longevity Lasting results Lifetime health

Traditionally, dentists treat problems caused by dental disease rather than treating the cause of the disease itself. This causes unnecessary damage not only to your mouth, but to your overall health and costs you more money. Our approach creates a long-term plan to improve your dental and systemic health for your lifetime.

Advanced Training

Creating smiles is a mixture of art and science. Our experienced dental team uses modern science and technology to deliver the highest quality care so you can smile with confidence and have a healthy and attractive mouth for a lifetime.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

We embrace minimally invasive dental techniques, prioritizing gentle procedures to preserve your natural teeth and minimize discomfort. Our approach focuses on preserving tooth structure, promoting faster recovery, and enhancing overall patient comfort.

What Makes Us Different?

Modern Dentistry’s approach begins with a personalized assessment of your dental health. The assessment summarizes your mouth’s current condition, how that contributes to your overall health and predicts risks before they become problems.
Our experienced dental team uses modern science and technology to deliver the highest quality care so you can smile with confidence and have a healthy and attractive mouth for a lifetime.

Why is our approach better for you?

Traditionally, dentists treat a cavity or infection after it creates problems. This causes unnecessary damage not only to your mouth, but to your overall health and costs you more money. Our approach creates a long-term plan to improve your dental and systemic health.

Your treatment plan with Modern Dentistry will be effective, efficient and address all your cosmetic and oral health goals. If necessary, we will coordinate your care with other specialists to ensure all your needs are met. You will leave each appointment better than when you arrived, happy you chose us and excited to share our services with your family and friends.

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Dental Hygienist with Modern Dentistry since 2018

Shakira impersonator, party planner, Karaoke superstar

Being a dental hygienist was a goal for Hallie since childhood. She got her start by first volunteering at a dental clinic then dental assisting and finally to hygiene school.

Hallie loves building relationships with her patients while helping them improve their overall health. Her co-workers appreciate her leadership in planning team bonding activities such as the annual group costume for Halloween. When she isn’t providing great care for her patients or working on her mad Shakira impressions, Hallie enjoys hiking, reading, beach-combing, singing karaoke and spending time with her family.


Dental Assistant with Modern Dentistry since 2008

Dog lover, dancer extraordinaire, Picasso‑in‑training

If she didn’t enjoy her work so much, Jennie thinks she might be back in the Napa Valley working on her family’s ranch. Always ready to learn new things, Jennie hones her skills by attending many training classes to master the latest dental techniques.

In addition to being a great dancer who can dance to any music, Jennie has superpower skills in anticipating what Dr. Peterson is thinking and will need next.

Jennie has a passion for paddle boarding and painting and loves spending time with her super sweet dogs LuLu and Tahoe.


Office Manager with Modern Dentistry since 2020

Disneyland fanatic, Wonder Woman wannabe, Midwest transplant

With a background in event management, Courtney is responsible for business aspects of the practice and assures the practice operates smoothly. Courtney loves getting to know our patients, answering their questions and making each visit pleasant and convenient.

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys spending time with her husband and dog children, Pippin and Leia as well as binge watching all things Star Wars. On a nice day, you will often find her playing fetch in the

backyard or exploring new areas in the PNW.


Dental Hygienist with Modern Dentistry since 2018

Foodie, binge watcher, former rap star’s girlfriend

Tiffany graduated from Columbia Basin College’s dental hygiene program after several years as a dental assistant.

Tiffany is a master at her craft and her notable talent is her ability to make people comfortable and welcome. On weekends, she enjoys trying new restaurants (minus the meat) cooking (minus the meat), traveling, photography, and binge watching all the latest shows on Netflix.


Treatment Coordinator with Modern Dentistry since 2021

Coveter of shoes, Baseball lover, Professional kid chauffeur

Layce started her dental career in 2015 working for an orthodontics clinic. Her work there taught her clinical and customer service skills that she has further developed at Modern Dentistry. Layce loves to see patients do the work it takes to regain and retain their healthy, big smiles.

Layce’s two teenaged boys keep her very busy after hours with many sporting events and other activities. Some of her favorite things to do with down time is to rewatch her favorite show– “New Girl”, watch New York Yankees baseball and practice her smooth moonwalking skills.


Dental Assistant with Modern Dentistry since 2022

Buffalo wing lover, Mind reader, Unicyclist

Before joining Modern Dentistry, Marisa worked for several years assisting in an oral surgery office. Marisa enjoys getting to know patients and helping put them at ease during their visit.

In her limited spare time when not trying to keep up with her husband and two children, Marisa finds time to enjoy gardening, working out/yoga, camping as much as possible and playing with her dogs Bella and Auggie.


Dental Hygienist at Modern Dentistry since 2022

Artist, Hobby farmer, Taco superfan

After growing up in Alaska, Beverly flirted with the idea of careers in social work, physical therapy, and environmental science before realizing her true calling was dentistry. Over the past decade, Beverly has shared her passion through teaching at a dental hygiene school, serving as president of the state dental hygiene association, and clinical practice.

Outside of the office, Beverly plays in fused glass, pottery, and painting among other mediums. Once the glitter glue has dried, she heads outside to tend to her garden and run her fur babies with her husband on their small farm.